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Copyright 2014
by John Kremer

The Quotable Books Series ...

If you're a quote lover like I am, you'll love the 40 quote books featured on this website. They include a ton of original quotes that don't appear in any other book of quotations.

I've arranged them around themes such as sports, art, food, travel, business, politics, success, miracles, greatness, etc. as well as around phrases that I fell in love with such as If at first you don't succeed...; If God intended ...; If I had my life to live over ...; When in doubt ...; and so on. Plus bumper sticker wisdom, quotes from TV ads, quotes from magazine advertisements, quotes from TV shows, etc.

Click on the links in the menu at the left to read samples of each book.

You can buy and download immediately any book for only $7. The individual quotable books feature 500 to 2,000+ quotations. Page counts for each book are on the Quotable Books Order page.

The collections of three to eight books, featured in the links to the left, sell for special discounted prices.

These books are all in Word document format so you can cut and paste these incredible quotations, funny sayings, and words of wisdom into your blogs, websites, books, reports, documents, and more. Enjoy!

John Kremer, webmaster and quote lover

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