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The Quotable Books Series ...

Your Fun

Two Thoughts Are
Better Than One


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(sample quotations from the book)

My grandfather believed there are two kinds of people—those who know how the world fits together and those who think they know. The former work in hardware stores, the latter in politics. — Josef Anderson

Sandwich every bit of criticism between two heavy layers of praise. — Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

From my close observation of writers, they fall into two groups: 1) those who bleed copiously and visibly at any bad review, and 2) those who bleed copiously and secretly at any bad review. — Isaac Asimov, science fiction author

All good drama has two movements, first the making of the mistake, then the discovery that it was a mistake. — W. H. Auden, poet

There are two kinds of talent, man-made talent and God-given talent. With man-made talent you have to work very hard. With God-given talent, you just touch it up once in a while. — Pearl Bailey, singer

Here's a rule I recommend: Never practice two vices at once. — Tallulah Bankhead, actress

There are two kinds of truth. There are real truths, and there are made up truths. — Marion Barry, mayor of Washington, DC

Two things are bad for the heart—running up stairs and running down people. — Bernard M. Baruch, stock broker and political advisor

There are two sets of romantics: those who love, and those who love the adventure of loving. — Lesley Blanch

You see, in this world, there are two kinds of people, my friend, those with loaded guns and those who dig. — Blondie, character in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly movie

It is possible to own too much. A man with one watch knows what time it is; a man with two watches is never sure. — Gene Brown

There are two rules for ultimate success in life. 1. Never tell everything you know. — bumper snicker

To have a choice at all is to be free—even when the choice is between two terrible things. — Orson Scott Card, science fiction author, The Working Saga

There are two kinds of people on this planet: those who are beautiful and those who don't know yet. — Ed Carlson

There are only two families in the world, my old grandmother used to say, the Haves and Have-Nots. — Miguel de Cervantes, novelist

There are two kinds of perfect people: those who are dead, and those who have not been born yet. — Chinese proverb

There are two ways to slide easily through life; to believe everything or to doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking. — Alfred Korzybski, logician and scientist

The Lord gave us two ends—one to sit on and the other to think with. Success depends on which one we use the most. — Ann Landers, advice columnist

There are two sides to every question: My side and the wrong side. — Oscar Levant, actor and pianist

My father said there are two kinds of people in the world: givers and takers. The takers may eat better, but the givers sleep better. — Marlo Thomas, actress

There are 3 kinds of people in this world: Those who are good at math, and those who aren’t. — T-shirt saying

There are only two industries that refer to their customers as users. — Edward Tufte, graphic designer

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