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Copyright © 2014 by John Kremer

The Quotable Books Series ...

The Magazine Advertiser's Guide to Success in Business
and Life

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(sample quotations from the book)

You have the power to create miracles. — Adobe Photoshop

Plastics. An important part of your healthy diet.™ — American Plastics Council

People once did despicable things to be sent to Australia. (Now they have to be very, very good.) — Australia Tourist Commission

The guitar is mightier than the sword. — BMG Marketing Group

You paint your own picture of health. Make it a Monet. — Celestial Seasonings

The key to ensuring success is found in the same place that created this need: humanity itself. When the unique spirit we all possess is allowed to flourish, mankind has proven its ability to take on, and overcome, any issue. It’s a spirit of hard work, ingenuity, drive, courage and no small measure of commitment. To success, to each other, to the planet. — Chevron

Good things come in small planets. — Danner Press

A life can be guided by many things. What is fleeting and artificial, or what is eternal and natural. — Evian water

Truth is, logos don’t really do much of anything. They don’t make you cooler. They don’t make the product better. In fact, a logo means nothing. Unless, of course, the company behind it means something. — Hyundai

Every day, $891,900 is lost by people who wash their pants without checking the pockets first. — Jameson Irish whiskey

There's absolutely nothing that will ever change your life as much as the arrival of a 7lb. 2oz. bundle of love. Except for the arrival of a second one. And suddenly, bath night's looking like a lot more fun than a game of cards. So tell the guys you've just been dealt the best hand ever. — Johnson & Johnson

You are what you eat ... so eat sensibly. — Kellogg's Smart Start cereal

People don't daydream about fancy pen sets or personalized luggage. But a vacation. That sets hearts and minds racing. — Marriott Incentive Awards

Live. A lot. Unleash yourself upon the world and go! Go now! And fly free in the frowning face of convention. Giggle. No, laugh. No, howl as if you've never grown up. Understand that this is not a dress rehearsal, this is it! Take it all in. Yes, every last rose and every single breath. And by all means, whatever you do, drive a real cool car. — Mercedes-Benz

No matter what happens to you, tomorrow's dreams can still come true. — Northwestern Mutual Life

Edit out the Frogs. Keep the Prince. — Pinnacle Systems

The secret to life is enjoying the curves it throws you. Life is about how you handle unexpected twists and turns. — Porsche

It's amazing what you can come up with when you realize your mind's a very fun place. And you should visit. — Qualcomm phones

There are people who achieve greatness by breaking the mold rather than trying to fit in it. These are the people who stand apart by doing things their own way. And doing them better than they've ever been done before. — Rolex watches

Never let your mind tell your body to quit. — Saucony shoes

Men get the basement. We get the rest of the house. You do the math. — Spiegel catalog

When you're in a position to make a difference, it's important that you do. — Toyota

Having a Web site is like having several thousand first dates ... every day. — UUNET Technologies

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